Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes in Nerja and Marbella: Explore Your Dream Celebrations

Welcome to the enchanting world of wedding themes offered by the stunning wedding venues in Nerja and Marbella, Spain.

Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with your unique style and personality.

Whether you envision a celebration steeped in timeless elegance at our traditional and classic venues, the free-spirited charm of a boho-inspired love story, or the nostalgic warmth of a rustic and vintage ambience – we have the perfect venue. For those dreaming of sun-kissed romance with a ceremony bathed in sunlight or sunset glow, the refined grace of a romantic and elegant affair, the modern sophistication of a contemporary setting, or the cosy charm where vintage meets modern at our shabby chic venues, we have your dream wedding venue to celebrate your special day.

Our locations and wedding venues in Nerja and Marbella provide the perfect backdrop for your unique style. Your dream wedding awaits!

Contemporary & Modern

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a contemporary and modern wedding is the fact that there are no real restrictions or limitations; you can really get creative planning this style of wedding! You and your partner can choose and modify every detail of the wedding ceremony including the venue, the theme, the vows and many other aspects of this special day.

Shabby Chic

A Shabby Chic style wedding is a wedding with no fixed rules. This style creates a comfortable, soft and informal environment with a mix of different combinations of modern and vintage items. A shabby chic wedding has an elegant style and it is often interchangeably used with cottage, rustic, western and vintage.


What is a Boho wedding? In the historical sense bohemians are wanderers, adventurers, people with a relaxed, carefree attitude. A Boho wedding style translates to quirky, whimsical, creative styling in a blend of eras with a natural free-spirited feel to the occasion.

Traditional & Classic

A traditional and classic wedding is one of the most elegant and beautiful ways to be married. Whatever season you are planning to be married in, there are endless options when planning a traditional and classic wedding.

Rustic & Vintage

Planning a Rustic & Vintage wedding is an incredibly fun task; your choices are unlimited. These types of weddings are all about simplicity, nature and character.

Sun & Sunset

These are one of my favourite types of events to plan. Looking to have your wedding abroad? With extensive experience working from Nerja, Spain you will have a wide choice of wedding venues to choose from.

Romantic & Elegant

Romantic and Elegant weddings are timeless, stunning events and are guaranteed to give you and your loved ones a day to remember forever. There is something particularly special about a classic romantic and elegant wedding.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

I offer a free 30-minute consultation that gives you the opportunity to explore the reasons why you might consider getting married in Nerja or Marbella.

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