Shabby Chic

A Shabby Chic style wedding is a wedding with no fixed rules. This wedding style creates a comfortable, soft and informal environment with a mix of different combinations of modern and vintage items. This elegant style is often interchangeably used with cottage, rustic, western and vintage. For example, Shabby Chic items will usually have a distressed, weathered or aged look, elements with a worn out, yet pretty and homely feel. Alternatively, there can be newer items that have been made to look old, retro, renovated or vintage materials transformed to create modern items.

Brown card invitations, chalkboard and rustic wedding signs to bouquets filled with beautiful dusky coloured roses. One of the most exciting aspects of a Shabby Chic wedding is how creative you can get in turning your perfect vision into reality.

A shabby chic wedding blurs the line between vintage and rustic and never fails to deliver with unique function room settings. For me the standout feature of a Shabby Chic wedding is the homemade feel in the decor. This can be seen with the mix of weathered materials and natural elements. This effortlessly stylish look is a gorgeous theme for a wedding.

Special Days

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