Contemporary & Modern

One of the most exciting aspects of planning a contemporary and modern wedding is the fact that there are no real restrictions or limitations. This means you can really get creative planning this style of wedding. You and your future partner can choose and modify every detail of the contemporary and modern wedding ceremony. This includes the venue, the theme, the vows and many other aspects of this special day. For example, I have experienced couples that wrote their own vows through poems, letters and even songs.

A contemporary wedding ceremony can be an occasion filled with lots of family and friends. Alternatively, couples may choose a simple, romantic, intimate civil ceremony. As many contemporary weddings are non-religious in nature, you can get married in a range of different locations.

From modern wedding cakes to modern wedding invitations, chevron stripes to insanely beautiful backdrops, a mix-and-match of patterns in a playful, but sophisticated fashion. This type of wedding is sleek and perfect for couples wanting a wedding that echoes current trends. A contemporary and modern wedding style will give your guests a day they will always remember.

Special Days

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