Boho Weddings

A Boho wedding style translates to quirky, whimsical, creative styling. This wedding style is a mish mash of eras with a natural free-spirited feel to the occasion. In the historical sense bohemians are wanderers, adventurers, people with a relaxed, carefree attitude. A Boho bride traditionally wears flowy materials or quirky eclectic pieces, such as headbands and flow wreaths. The venue of a Boho wedding is characterised with mix and match flowers, outdoor and nature inspiration. Couples can also use materials like feathers, lace, ribbons, wood and mismatching crockery.


One of my favourite aspects of planning a Boho wedding is that there are no rules and anything goes. As such, these types of weddings are true statements of the couple’s adventurous, do it yourself, free love personalities.

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